Electrification is the new buzz word on the streets for many fleet managers / decision makers. Whilst infrastructure restricts full electric for everyone, there is a happy medium with the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle's, offering the best of both worlds - an appealing blend of efficiency, range, power and low emissions. Plug-in Hybrid cars emit much lower emissions than regular hybrid, diesel and petrol cars.

In the new A 250 e you can enjoy totally emission-free driving for up to 46 miles. Perfect for driving in around town. Compared to fuelling a petrol or diesel car, the cost of charging a Plug-in Hybrid can work out significantly cheaper. Save money using the all-electric range on shorter trips as well as savings on road tax - £0 VED

Switching to Plug-in Hybrids can lead to significant cost savings for fleet and business customers.

The Benefit in Kind tax rate for the A 250 e is 6%

If you have off-street parking you can benefit from the convenience and speed of charging at home by installing a Homecharge wallbox through our charging partner BP Chargemaster