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MINI Leasing

BMW relaunched the Mini brand back in 2001 with a three-door hatchback. It was a great success and cemented the badge's rebirth, and spawned no fewer than nine additional body styles that have been marketed with varying degrees of success in the years since.

Right now, Mini has four models on sale in the UK. There's the Mini itself, offered as a three-door or a slightly longer, more practical five-door, and focusing on the sort of personalisation that's been so popular with customers since 2001.

For even greater practicality, Mini offers the Mini Clubman, which now has a pair of rear doors (the single opening of the previous generation has been dropped) but keeps the novel side-opening boot doors.

The Mini Countryman's sales success has surprised even company insiders.

All of the Minis on sale are produced at Oxford, with the exception of the Countryman which is made in Graz, Austria.

Auto Choices can supply all of the MINI range from Hatchbacks, Estates, Convertibles and SUV’s as well as John Cooper Works Performance cars. We offer personal and business leasing contracts on the whole model range with various mileages and terms available and can even add a full maintenance option, so you can have fixed costs. 

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