Business Lease:
£169.99 (exc. VAT)
Initial payment: £1529.91 (exc. VAT)

Personal Contract Hire:
£203.99 (inc. VAT)
Initial payment: £1835.91 (inc. VAT)


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Smart Leasing

Although Mercedes-Benz had been developing the concept of a subcompact car, the Smart car can be credited to Nicolas Hayek, the CEO of Swatch, the Swiss-company famed for creating watches. Hayek had come up with the idea of creating a small car. After several false starts, including a deal with Volkswagen that fell through due to a change in VW's management, he eventually struck an agreement with Mercedes-Benz.

Once financing terms had been agreed, Swatch and Mercedes-Benz formed a new company known as Micro Compact Car AG (MCC), setting up a head office in Switzerland and a dedicated factory unit in Hambach, France, that became known as Smartville. Incidentally, the name Smart is an acronym derived from 'Swatch Mercedes Art'.

Auto Choices can supply all of the Smart car range from the hatchbacks and cabriolet’s. We offer personal and business leasing contracts on the whole model range with various mileages and terms available and can even add a full maintenance option, so you can have fixed costs.

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