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Jaguar Leasing

Jaguar was founded in 1945 and is arguably one of Britain’s best-loved car brands. Known for producing fast, luxurious vehicles that were still within reach of middle-class customers, best known for the beautiful E-Type Jaguar, the company has been through several difficult patches - not least in the 1970s, when it was nearly crippled by industrial action.

Jaguar ended up being owned by Ford in 1989, but it was sold again to Indian firm Tata Motors in 2008 - and has been gaining momentum ever since.
The F-Pace is currently the top selling car, but this will soon be chased down by the new E-Pace.

With the i-Pace Jaguar is ready to make you go electric!

Auto Choices can supply all of the Jaguar range from Saloons, Sportbrakes, Coupes, Roadsters, and SUV’s as well as R Performance cars. We offer personal and business leasing contracts on the whole model range with various mileages and terms available and can even add a full maintenance option, so you can have fixed costs. 

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