Here are a few repeatedly asked questions we get from Customers new to Car leasing,

Car leasing for private customers?                                             This works in the same way to a Business lease but includes VAT on the payments – PCH Personal Contract Hire.

Car Leasing no deposit                                                                Yes, this can be done.

Car Leasing special offers                                                            We have a ‘Hot Offers’ page on our website which we update every day.

1 Year Lease Car deals                                                                Yes, 1 year dear deals occasionally come up, but most deals will be a minimum of 2 years.

What happens when a car lease ends                                          A few days before the last payment you will have the car inspected prior to collection once the lease has expired.

Car leasing electric                                                                        Leasing an Electric Car is exactly the same as any other Car.

Car leasing uk best deals                                                               We work closely with the manufacturers and finance companies. We will always try and provide the best deal to our                                                                                                                Customers

Car leasing near me                                                                        We are based in Hampshire. We deliver all over the UK with no additional cost to the Customer.

Car leasing high mileage                                                                There is no limit on mileage – You can also include servicing and tyres