AFTER more than a year as the most popular electric vehicle to lease, Tesla has lost its crown to a smaller, more affordable model.

New data for March 2021 released by shows Hyundai is now the top EV manufacturer when it comes to leasing enquiries in the UK. The uplift is mainly being driven by Hyundai’s two entry-level EVs, the Ioniq five-door hatchback and the Kona SUV.

Tesla has topped the league table every month since January 2020 bar two, March and April 2020. Often seen as the industry trailblazer, Tesla has enjoyed a relative monopoly in recent years as traditional combustion manufacturers have raced to catch up. Now, thanks to significant investments and mainstream consumer demand, it appears the top automakers are beginning to make their mark.

Major brands such as Audi, Ford and Mercedes are launching major new models in 2021. The Mercedes EQS, the Audi E-Tron Quattro and the Ford MachE are just some of the latest vehicles to launch with further brands following suit later in the year such as Lotus with the Evija and BMW with the i4.

However, as Hyundai has proven, lower priced vehicles are already shifting at considerable volumes and new models like the Volkswagen ID.3 are joining that trend.

Volkswagen has been particularly focussed on developing its ID EV portfolio, so much so it injected $50 billion dollars into the programme as it stakes its claim to ‘beat’ Tesla at its own game. This investment seems to have been worthwhile, with the ID 3 claiming 3rd on the list, up three places since January, and the SUV sibling, the ID.4, climbing to 14th from 19thin February. This all bodes well for the recent launch of the Volkswagen ID.6.

Paul Harrison, Head of Strategic Partnerships at, said: “Major manufacturers have been investing in EV technology for years and now we’re seeing that investment materialise in countless new models or, in the case of Volkswagen’s ID, entirely new brands and vehicle ranges.

Top 10 EV manufacturers in March 2021:










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